No STEM Major, No Problem: How to Make a Liberal Arts Degree Count

A liberal arts degree can help you land a great job, too — as long as you plan ahead.

By Eliza Haverstock  

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Majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) isn’t the only way to land a job that makes college worth it.

A liberal arts degree can pay off, too — but you may need to put in more legwork than a STEM major would.

“Going to school and being a liberal arts major in and of itself is not going to give you the same outcomes as focusing on your career preparation in tandem with going through your college experience,” says Joshua Kahn, associate director of research and public policy at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

If you want to major in English, history, sociology or another nontechnical field, here are some expert-approved tips to help make your liberal arts degree pay off.

Do your research before choosing a program

Before deciding on a college or specific degree program, research your post-diploma employment and salary prospects.

“Check out the schools that have really good internship rates for liberal arts majors,” Kahn says. “Ask about resources at their career center, and what they’re specifically doing for liberal arts majors.”

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