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Honors College

With a degree from the Honors College, consider the following industries to kickstart your career:

Arts, Media, and Communications Education and Training Architecture and Construction Human Services Government and Public Administration Engineering Information Technology Science, Technology and Mathematics Operations & Logistics Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Finance Marketing Business Management & Administration Hospitality & Tourism Law & Policy Health Science

How Many Law Schools Should You Apply To?

Law school is a postgraduate educational program that typically involves three years of full-time study, and is designed to prepare students for careers in the legal profession. It provides students with a comprehensive education as well as the opportunity to …

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The Ultimate Guide to the Medical School Application

The medical school application process is long, difficult, and highly competitive. Though the overall timeline varies drastically, the average age of most top programs’ applicants is around 24 years. However, the process begins long before that as applicants study for …

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How to advance your career after you get hired for your first, professional job

So, you’ve received and accepted an offer of employment for your first, professional job. Congratulations!

At this point, you’re likely mostly excited and probably a little nervous about that job. That excitement and your nerves are natural and nothing to …

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