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UNLV Career & Internship Fairs


UNLV hosts a university-wide career fair for students and alumni at the Thomas and Mack in the fall and spring, featuring over 200 employers from a variety of industries including government, hospitality, engineering, education, business, entertainment, healthcare, and more. The week before the fair, UNLV hosts Prepare for the Fair events for students and alumni including resume review sessions and Q&A with employers. Many colleges also hold their own industry-specific fairs throughout the year.

How to Prepare for a Career and Internship Fair

Use resources on this site and/or schedule an appointment with a career coach to update your resume, both in Handshake and for hard copies to hand out at the fair. Plan to print 5-10 copies to share with employers at the fair. You can also use the booth check-in QR codes at the fair to share your resume with employers via Handshake.

Visit the fair in Handshake to see which employers are attending. Make a list of employers that interest you and conduct more research on those employers, their available positions, company culture, etc. via Handshake, their website, and other sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Prepare a few questions to ask each employer at the fair.

An elevator pitch is a short spoken description that captures who you are, where you are in your career path, where you’re headed and how you’re unique. It needs to be short (two minutes max), smooth and practiced, clear and to the point.

Most experts agree that 80 percent of an employer’s opinion of a candidate is based solely on their first impression. Professional dress, positive body language, and a well-groomed appearance are important components of that first impression. Your attire is a visual representation of your professional brand. Choose an appropriate outfit that you are comfortable in, reflects your personality, and projects confidence.


Tools & Resources

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