One-on-One Goals Coaching Powered by U.S. Bank

A free, personalized experience to prepare graduate and professional students for financial wellness and overall career success.

About Goals Coaching

UNLV is proud to be the first university in the country to launch a free, personalized experience to prepare you for success beyond your career. Goals coaching, powered by U.S. Bank, is available to all UNLV undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. Whether you’re thinking about growing your career, paying off debt, or making a difference in the world, a goals coach can help you find the focus, inspiration, and practical steps to achieve what matters most.

A goals coaching session will help you explore your goals, create your timeline, and gain connections and support.

  • Your coach helps pull your true self forward as you explore the goals most important to you.
  • You’ll determine when you want to reach each goal and see how it all relates to each other.
  • Some goals may require more help to achieve. Your coach can connect you to the right people.

Sign-up for a Session

Meet in person or virtually with a coach to create a plan for the life you want.

  • In-Person goals coaching sessions is available at the University Gateway Building every Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Virtual goals coaching sessions will be available based on your and your goals coach’s schedule.

John Hirano, Ph.D.

Executive director and educator

John Hirano
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